Founded in 1965, Early American Literature is the official journal of both the Society of Early Americanists and the MLA’s Forum on Early American Literature. EAL’s province is American literature through the early national period (about 1830.) Along with the standard writings in English from British America and the US, EAL invites work on Native American traditional expressions, and also the colonial literature of the Ibero-American, American Francophone, Dutch, and German American populations present at America’s conception as a nation.



Marion Rust
University of Kentucky

Co-Editor for Reviews
Katy Chiles
University of Tennessee

Advisory Editor
Sandra M. Gustafson
University of Notre Dame

Assistant Editor
Alex Gergely
University of Kentucky

Digital Media Editor
Natalie Harrington
University of Kentucky

Editorial Board

Sari Altschuler (Northeastern University)
Wendy Bellion (University of Delaware)​

Lisa Brooks (Amherst College)
Sarah Chinn (Hunter College)

Kathleen Donegan (University of California, Berkeley)
Kirsten Silva Gruesz (University of California, Santa Cruz)
​Andrew Newman (Stony Brook University)
Sarah Rivett (Princeton University)​
Gordon Sayre (University of Oregon)
Cassander L. Smith (University of Alabama)
Derrick R. Spires (Cornell University)
Laura Stevens (University of Tulsa)
Scott Manning Stevens (Syracuse University)
Edward Watts (Michigan State University)

Edward White (Tulane University)