Call for Conference Reviews (Fall 2020)

September 02, 2020

Early American Literature seeks conference reviewers for the following conferences. Conference reviews cover panels relevant to EAL’s readership, encompassing the overall range of the event and addressing key themes of particular interest to the reviewer. Conference reviews are generally 1500-2000 words in length, but they can be longer or shorter depending on the scope of the event.

We welcome reviewers at all ranks who study early American literature and encourage recommendations for other conferences with an early American literature presence. We welcome reviewers for conferences, even if the event will be held virtually. EAL also welcomes proposals for digital conferences, symposia, and/or panel series. If you are interested in participating, please send an email to Katy Chiles at Please include the conference you’d like to review and a brief description (50 words) of your scholarly interests.


Jupiter Hammon Project

C19 2020 


Modern Language Association 2021

Society of Early Americanists 2021

Empire, Sovereignty, and Labor in the Age of Global Abolition, February 2021

Native American and Indigenous Studies Association 2021

MELUS 2021

Atlantic Jewish Worlds, 1500–1900, 2021

American Literature Association 2021

ACLA 2021

SHARP 2021 

AHA 2021          

OAH 2021         

SSAWW 2021

Lapidus Center Conference at the Schomberg Center 2021

The Americas Online: A Digital State of the Field for Early American Studies, November 2021